Price rebound on heavy export volumes

European processors increasing.

After going below EUR 4/kg on average last Friday, there is a rebound for the salmon price today. [factbox]

“Prices are going up again. This is because there has been bad weather in the north [of Norway], and a number of cancellations this week, especially today,” said an exporter to SalmonBusiness.

“I think it will be a couple of kroner [up]. 43 kroner (EUR 4) on average, I think. 6+ kg live their own lives – over 50 kroner (EUR 4.7),” he added.

High volumes
He noted that very high export volumes are currently being exported from Norway, 28-29,000 tonnes (converted to round weight) per week.

“It has been sold a lot of fish. The numbers are high. Especially the last two weeks. And that’s good. I do not think everything is eaten, however,” he said, and refered to freezing for storage for processing later – closer to Christmas.

“I hear they are trying to get it up, but I hear no one wants to buy,” said an importer about the salmon price. “There’s a standstill,” he added.

Turns up
Others are more firm – on price increases.

“The price goes up the number of kroner that makes us worried that it will fall just as much next week,” an exporter philosophized. “The gut feeling says two to three kroner up, but the farmers say five kroner.”

“It tends to rise again as soon as one approaches 40 kroner,” commented another exporter who also confirmed the price increase.

The five industry sources SalmonBusiness has spoken to after lunch on Friday refer to the following farm gate prices for fish to be delivered next week:

  • 3-4 kg NOK 42-43 (EUR 3.9-4.0)
  • 4-5 kg ​​NOK 45-46 (EUR 4.2-4.3)
  • 5-6 kg NOK 47-48 (EUR 4.4-4.5)

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