Prices stay stable as supply increases ahead of peak sale season

Heavy salmon supplies meets with a pending buyer side.

“It’s really quite stable,” said a smoker’s buyer of today’s spot price for salmon. “There has been some [negative] pressure during the week, and there are some [unsold] trucks left, so “sideways” is a good expression today.

Others see stable, possibly somewhat falling spot prices relative to last Friday.

“Some people talk about reduced harvesting next week, but I do not think so,” said a trader.

“This week has been boring – with price pressure all week. I do not see any basis for price increases. Now I paid 51 and 52 kroner for 3-4 and 4-5 [kilograms] this week – and prices are going down.”

The European market will soon fire up its smoker furnaces, and dominate purchasing.

“There is a lot of small fish in the market. 6+ [kilogram] is set at 60-65 kroner, depending on where to place the fish. Everyone is talking about China, but it’s not that big volume going there. There has been extremely small volume [to China] lately. It is not what determines the price,” an exporter pointed out to SalmonBusiness.

“It’s coming more and more 5+ and 6+. We can see it,” he said.

The five industrial sources SalmonBusiness have talked to after lunch Friday refers to the following price range (to farmers) for salmon to be delivered next week:

  • 3-4 kilos €5.2-5.4
  • 4-5 kilos €5.3-5.6
  • 5-6 kilos €5.6-5.9
  • 6+ kilos €6.3-6.8

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