Processing giant Morpol in constant growth: ‘Before, three products were enough. Now we need 15.’

Ole Alexander Saue

Marine Harvest-owned Morpol in Ustka is the world’s largest salmon processor.

“Sushi and poke is food-on-the-go that is developing quickly. Before, three products were enough. Now, we need 15 different products”, COO-processing Marine Harvest Central Europe, Teis Knudsen, told Salmon Business.

Polish salmon veteran Jerzy Malek started the company in the late 1990’s. In 2013, Marine Harvest acquired the company.

“We have had a huge growth rate the last four years. We are planning to have the same in future., Knudsen says.

“The biggest change is the complexity. If you look at our product portfolio, it’s much more complex”, Knudsen says.

A few years back, Malek established a new processing factory in Slupsk, just outside Ustka. That meant tougher competition for the Marine Harvest giant.

In Slupsk, Milarex is planning to produce 35,000 tons annually. Knudsen, however, is ready to handle any new competition.

“One will not be lucky by having a large product selection. One has to divide and focus on all areas. One must “be the best”, Knudsen said about the competition.


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