Project aims to produce 4,000 tonnes of land-raised salmon a year in Sweden

editorial staff

But first, Smögenlax must get the right permits.

The land-based salmon plant will be located in Kungshamn about 120km north of Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. The plan is to produce 4,000 tonnes of salmon annually, and the project has a price tag of EUR 28 million.

But first, Smögenlax must get both environmental permit and funding in place, writes the Swedish newspaper Bohusläningen.

According to the newspaper, Smögenlax has been refused an application for an environmental permit from the Land and Environment Court, which deals with issues such as environmental and water issues. The reason for the refusal is that the company has not documented its projected sea effluent well enough.

Joel Oresten, one of the people behind Smögenlax, said he was surprised by the rejection, which will now be appealed. At the same time, the company has halted its experiments with salmon farming, for now at least.

“We cannot keep up with research under private management when we do not get permission that is needed, and therefore we have decided to close down,” said Oresten.

The plant will be a few hundred metres from where a cleaning and biogas plant is currently being built. In addition, there will be an algae farm in the same area.


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