Protesters ordered off Marine Harvest Midsummer Island fish farm

Salmon Business

First Nations protesters have been ordered to vacate their camp on a fish farm near Midsummer Island, BC, Canada, within three days.

The court order is issued for 30 days, in preparation for a court date on Marine Harvest’s application for permanent removal from the site, reports the Vancouver Sun.

The protesters have been occupying a shelter attached to the fish farm since early September. They have asked the B.C. government not to renew leases on farm sites in their traditional territories, when they expire next June.

Marine Harvest has harvested salmon from the farm in recent weeks, but has delayed restocking. Managing director Vincent Erenst urged B.C.  government to find a solution to First Nations concerns about their rights.

“This discussion needs to occur so our business and many other businesses in the province can be given clarity about this process,” Erenst said.


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