Protix seeks new location for expansion of larvae production

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Dutch feed-insect producer Protix is looking for a new location for the expansion of the company.

The new factory was originally planned for an industrial site in Den Bosch. These plans had to be canceled due to objections from local residents. Protix is now looking for a new location for the factory.

Protix, founded in 2009, breeds insects for animal feed. The company cultivates insects on a variety of food scraps. In the new factory, Protix wants to extend its larvae production. The company processes the larvae of the tropical black soldier fly into protein powder or insect oil. The proteins are used in fish feed and other animal feed and exported to twelve countries worldwide.


In June, Protix received 45 million euros from investors to expand its production.

The money came from an investment company focused on sustainable aquaculture – Aqua-Spark – Rabobank, the Brabant Development Company and private investors. Protix plans to use the funding to expand its production capacity, especially within the aquaculture industry.

Largest in the world

Protix is currently located in Dongen, where the company produces 1,600 tons of larvae annually. This will be substantially increased in the new factory, where Protix will start growing insects on about 15,000 square meters of surface area, with a workforce of 80.

The new factory will be the largest of its kind in the world; nowhere else does larval breeding take place on this scale. The company in Dongen will continue to operate on the same footing.

Protix previously initiated the industry association IPPF (the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed) and recently joined forces with Bühler, leading solution provider for the food and feed industry, to accelerate the standardization and roll-out of insect rearing and processing equipment globally.


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