Proximar Seafood announces start of construction of RAS facility in Japan

editorial staff

AquaMaof is embarking on construction of a RAS facility in Japan for the production of Atlantic Salmon, in a project commissioned by Proximar Seafood.

Located close to the iconic Mount Fuji, the facility is less than two hours trucking distance from the two largest cities in Japan, Tokyo and Yokohama. The first harvest is expected in 2024.

The new Proximar facility will integrate the very latest advancements in AquaMaof’s RAS technology, and will include a hatchery, nursery, and full grow-out areas, as well as management, operational and processing zones. Construction follows the successful completion of the design stage, in which AquaMaof worked closely with the Proximar team since 2016.

“We would like to congratulate the Proximar team on a successful IPO,” said David Hazut, CEO of AquaMaof, in a press release. “We are pleased and honored to kick-off the construction stage and to continue to support the Proximar team on their visionary mission.”

“We are excited with the commencement of the construction stage of our facility in Japan, together with AquaMaof as our technology partner for this project,” says Joachim Nielsen, CEO of Proximar. “We appreciate their continued support and are confident that this stage will be carried out at the same level of proficiency that characterized the design stage.”

AquaMaof’s RAS technology provides an end-to-end solution for various species. These industrial land-based aquaculture facilities enable the production of fresh, natural, high-quality fish and shellfish, at competitive prices. It’s proprietary water-recycling techniques produce minimum discharge and require low power consumption.

The Proximar project is the latest of several projects currently under development by AquaMaof in Canada, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Chile, US and more, with a combined capacity of more than 65,000 ton.


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