Pure Salmon Technology fish health specialist leaves to take up role in R&D

Editorial Staff

Lund began his new role at FHF on June 1.

The Norwegian Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry’s Research Funding (FHF) has appointed Morten Lund as the new Head of Aquaculture, FHF announced on its website.

Lund, previously a fish health advisor at Pure Salmon Technology and head of fish health at Patogen, brings extensive experience in fish health and disease prevention. He holds a PhD in PRV1 (the HSMB virus) and has worked in field research at Pathogen and as a researcher at the Veterinary Institute.

FHF is a state-owned limited company owned by the Ministry of Trade, industry and fisheries, and financed by the industry through a levy on exports of Norwegian Seafood at 0,3 %. FHFs goal is to create added value to the seafood industry through industry-based research and development (R&D).


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