Quality Salmon collaborates with Swedish multinational power company

editorial staff

Securing deliveries of green energy and energy optimization for the construction of Europe’s largest blue-green industrial park for salmon farming on the west coast of Sweden. This is the core of a letter of intent between Vattenfall Network Solutions and Quality Salmon.

The letter of intent was signed by Vattenfall Network Solutions and Quality Salmon on Tuesday. The agreement states that Vattenfall will develop and deliver future-based green energy through its functional solution “Power-as-a-Service”. This solution will form the basis for the collaboration and means that Vattenfall will make a comprehensive commitment to the industrial park’s electricity infrastructure.

When fully developed, the 140 hectare industry park aim to produce up to 100,000 tonnes Atlantic salmon per year. The industrial park will include all functions and production will almost entirely be a circular economy that contains factory, land based salmon farm, slaughter, processing, management of residual products and water purification.

Quality Salmon is owned by Oslo-based Lighthouse Finance. Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest producers and retailers of electricity and heat, and is wholly owned by the Swedish state.

“We look forward to a favourable collaboration with Quality Salmon and the other participants within the industrial park,” said Peter Hellberg, Business Developer at Vattenfall Network Solutions.

The salmon industry is facing extensive changes due to the growing activity in terms of land-based farming and it will be important to develop and put into operation new solutions, according to Quality Salmon.

“The new land-based plants are energy-intensive. Thus, the close collaboration with Vattenfall will be crucial,” stated Roy Høiås, CEO of Lighthouse Finance and owner of Quality Salmon Sotenäs.

“With the help of Vattenfall’s expertise, we will be able to optimize energy use and energy storage. This will be decisive to reach the goal of establishing a blue-green circular industrial park for salmon farming with zero emissions and a positive CO2 footprint with the help of 100 percent green energy,” he added.


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