Real-time biomass monitoring, digital lice counting and autonomous feeding. Mowi will digitise its entire value chain

Aslak Berge

The world’s largest salmon farmer has developed a new strategy to streamline operations through digitisation and automation: Mowi 4.0.

Mowi hosted its capital markets day where the company presented its strategy and plans for the next few years. One of the things presented is the plans for how the company will streamline the entire value chain through extensive efforts in digitisation and automation.

“The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and offers Mowi significant opportunities,” said Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim.

Smart Farming
A key part of Mowi’s new digital strategy is to introduce new technological solutions in the aquaculture business. This will not only improve productivity and reduce costs but also will improve fish welfare and sustainability, called Mowi 4.0 Smart Farming.

Mowi has already begun adopting a number of solutions in Norway, and plans to have rolled out Smart Farming by 2025.

By means of advanced imaging technology and intelligent sensors, Mowi will perform real-time monitoring of biomass, digital lice counting, autonomous feeding and tracking of fish welfare.


“A wealth of data combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence will enable Mowi to grow fish much more efficiently than today, and in an even more sustainable way. By constantly tracking fish behaviour and fish health, Mowi can be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to acting on biological issues,” said Vindheim.

The organisation strongly believes Industry 4.0 technologies will offer much clearer scale advantages in the seawater phase than what is seen today.

Intelligent processing
In Mowi’s downstream operations, digitalisation and automation also offer significant opportunities at its more than 30 factories all across the world.

“Fish processing is in many ways still very labour-intensive and in many cases improvements can be made simply by automation of manual work. However, the availability of advanced scanning technology also opens up for much more efficient production and more sophisticated product differentiation than seen today, and for selected customers Mowi will use blockchain solutions,” added Vindheim.


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