Remote smolt plant up in flames as fire fighters battle blaze in sub-zero conditions. One man still missing

Leroy post-smolt facility in Northern Norway caught fire early on Sunday.

Firefighters have been battling a huge fire at the 100 million euro post-smolt Lerøy-owned Laksefjord facility.

On Sunday morning, at 0740, a fire was reported at an industrial building in Friarfjord in Lebesby.

“It’s a huge fire. Three to four people were at work during that time. One man is missing,” said police operations manager Svein Erik Jacobsen to iFinnmark.

54 people work at the facility. The police have no reason to believe more people are inside the building.

The police now think that the man has died and believe they know where he is in the building. Apart from the missing person, no other injuries have been reported as a result of the fire.

20 degrees below zero
“It’s out of control throughout the complex. The crews are now trying to access the part of the building where the missing was with his partner, Jacobsen added.

“There is a great risk of explosion, with a lot of gas bottles, and there is a safe distance of 1,000 meters,” said Jacobsen.

Rescue boats from the coast guard, “Fram” and “Peter Henry von Koss”, were sent to help with extinguishing the fire with sea water.

The site is quite remote, around is 122 kilometers from the municipal center Kjøllefjord. The police, fire department and ambulance arrived at 09.27 only after the fire was notified 07.40.

There were demanding conditions for the extinguishing work that takes place in 20 degrees below zero as the water freezes immediately.


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