Reporting of sea lice figures to be transferred toMarine Scotland

editorial staff

Transition of reporting initiative.

In a press release, the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) writes that the publication function of lice reporting will now be the responsibility of Marine Scotland with reporting and publication intervals transitioning from monthly to weekly.

Sea lice levels have been voluntarily recorded and published by the SSPO since 2010.

Annual figures published at the begining of February by the SSPO show that sea lice averages for the Scottish farmed salmon sector were 0.52 adult female lice per salmon for 2020. This represents a fall on 2019’s average of 0.54.

SSPO chief executive Tavish Scott said that “fish health and welfare will always be our members’ top priority”.

“The sector’s commitment to transparency remains paramount and we look forward to working with Marine Scotland to ensure a smooth transition of the reporting initiative, introduced voluntarily by our members a decade ago,” he added.

The Scottish farmed salmon sector will continue to publish information on mortality losses.


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