Rescue mission for AQS’s €6.6 million vessel is underway

“AQS Tor” dislodged and fell off the cargo ship.

The salvage operation for the AQS boat drifting around outside Stadt, Western Norway, is now underway.

AQS has in cooperation with Moen Marin and Gjensidige engaged the tugboat company Stadt sjøtransport to try to salvage the new service boat which dislodged and fell off the cargo vessel “Eemslift Hendrika” in the storm on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, the tugboat “Stadt Sløvåg” headed out towards “AQS Tor”, which is about 27 nautical miles just west of the Stadt. It’s drifting south at about 2 knots speed.

There is a gale in the area, with wave heights of 5-6 meters.

Stadt sjøtransport general manager Per Wilhelm Saltvedt said that the tug will be out on the AQS vessel at 11 am. Contact has been established with the coast guard ship “Sortland” which is located in the area and monitors the two drifting vessels.

“It looks like the weather will calm down throughout the day. We await the weather and will not do anything until it is safe and justifiable. The wave height is expected to decrease eventually,” said Saltvedt.

AQS “Tor” will be attempted towed with the weather, probably in the direction of Måløy or Florø.
AQS CEO Ove Løfsnæs stated that AQS has ordered the salvage, but it is done in close and good cooperation with Moen Marin and Gjensidige Forsikring.

“It looks promising,” said Løfsnæs, who hopes it will now be possible to salvage the new EUR 6.6 million boat.


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