Restaurant Depot and McCarthy Capital-backed-Honey Smoked Fish Company launch new smoked salmon range

editorial staff

Wholesale cash and carry foodservice supplier launch Liberty Smokehouse smoked salmon brand.

In a press release, Restaurant Depot and Honey Smoked Fish write that it has developed a new brand of smoked salmon for the restaurant and foodservice industry.

The launch was tied to US 4th of July celebrations and the fish is processed at Honey Smoked Fish’s Miami-based (Florida) plant.

“We are excited to launch this program with The Liberty Smokehouse brand, adding to our lineup of fine smoked fish offerings,” said Restaurant Depot head seafood buyer Steve Marinelli.

Honey Smoked Fish Company, backed by private equity firm McCarthy Capital, acquired MacKnight Food Group in March 2019.

Described as the “Costco for professional chefs and restaurant owners,” Restaurant Depot has 130 locations in 33 States.


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