Revealed: Mowi’s Top 5 highest paid executives for 2023

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Mowi has disclosed the remuneration details of its executive management team for the year 2023.

Driven by record-high volumes of 475,000 tons and improved prices, the world’s largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon, Mowi, achieved record operational earnings of €1 billion and generated €5.5 billion in revenue for the year 2023. Here are the top five earning executives at the Norwegian salmon farming giant:

5. Øyvind Oaland 

Chief Operating Officer Farming Norway and Iceland, Øyvind Oaland earned a salary of €249,000 and a bonus of €101,000, with additional benefits in kind, bringing his total remuneration to €356,000. With a background spanning various positions within Mowi since 2000, Oaland’s leadership is pivotal in driving the company’s farming operations forward.


4. Ola Brattvoll 

Ola Brattvoll, Chief Operating Officer Sales & Marketing, secured the fourth position in Mowi’s executive earnings for 2023. With a basic salary of €247,000 and a bonus of €113,000, Brattvoll’s total remuneration reached €362,000. His comprehensive experience in sales and marketing contributes to Mowi’s strategic objectives.


3. Fernando Villarroel

Fernando Villarroel, COO Farming Americas, ranked third among Mowi’s top earners. Villarroel, appointed as COO Farming Americas in 2020, received a salary of €261,000 and a bonus of €104,000, totaling €365,000. With extensive experience in salmon farming and finance across various regions, Villarroel brings valuable insights to the organization.


2. Ben Hadfield

Ben Hadfield, COO Farming Scotland, Ireland, the Faroes, and Canada East, secured the second position in Mowi’s executive earnings for 2023. With a salary of €321,000 and a bonus of €123,000, Hadfield’s total remuneration amounted to €445,000. His expertise in farming spans several leadership roles within Mowi and industry-related organizations.


1. Ivan Vindheim

Ivan Vindheim, CEO of Mowi since 2019, emerged as the highest-earning executive in 2023. Vindheim received a basic salary of €642,000, along with a bonus of €289,000, totaling €933,000 after benefits in kind. Holding an MSc in Business and an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics, Vindheim’s leadership is backed by extensive experience in various executive positions within the seafood and
other industries.


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