Rising salmon prices for next week

The largest salmon is in low supply and high demand.

The market sources Salmon Business have talked to today see the following farm gate prices for the coming week:

  • 2-3 kilos NOK 43-44
  • 3-4 kilos of NOK 48
  • 4-5 kilos NOK 49-50
  • 5-6 kilos NOK 52-54
  • 6+ kilos NOK 57-65

The price is increasing with weight classes, as it has been for a while. The best return is for the biggest salmon, which is also scarce.

“There is a small [price rise], but there is not much. But there’s a good supply of 3-4 kilo fish,” one trader told Salmon Business.

The salmon price continues to fluctuate between five and six euros per kilo. It meets clear resistance at the upper end.

“We are about to climb over six euros again, and for the last two weeks we have struggled to get over that point.”

“It is challenging for the suppliers, middlemen and retailers who sell it to the end customer,” he points out.

“I have heard about price difference between 5-6s and 6-7s of a total of NOK 12, and it creates problems when the air freight market in the Far East is presented with price differences of one to two dollars.”

The market picture of a small price increase, especially on the largest fish, is widespread and perceived after lunch on Friday.

Good growth conditions
“The prices are up one NOK on average, but there have been no big movements. They tried yesterday, the big players, to take NOK 2-3, but they did not succeed,” one Norwegian exporter said.

The widest spread is on prices for big salmon.

” The 6+ fish are in a class by themselves. There is not much of it about, and then it is on the airfreight market’.

But the access to fish is good. And better supply is expected in the autumn.

“There is little delousing, good feeding, better biology and solid growth. But NOK 50 is a fair price. I do not believe in 60+,” he concluded.


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