Roadfeeders bought by major exporter

Aslak Berge

The seafood exporter, Coast Seafood, is taking over the air freight specialist.

Earlier in the week, Roadfeeders declared bankruptcy, potentially jeopardising tons of salmon exports. The freight company handles large portions of the salmon sent in and out of Oslo Airport. The company counts over 80 major carriers as its customers including Norwegian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Thai Airways, Japan Airlines, KLM and Air Franc

Now the company has a new owner, the major exporter, Coast Seafood, as was confirmed by their lawyer, Jon Erling Skjørshammer as reported in Hegnar Online.

Various stakeholders have been working since Wednesday to take over the business, but an agreement was made, said Skjørshammer.

“This is very important. If we did not get this deal in place during the night, large portions of salmon exports would have stopped,” said the lawyer.

The price of the sale is currently unknown.

Roadfeeders had a turnover of EUR 13.4 million in 2016.


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