Robot fish that swims with salmon improves sensor precision

“Nammu” can get up close, swimming alongside the fish.

The CEO and Founder of Aquaai, Liane Thompson, said that the robot can cut feed and support precision aquaculture, in an interview with Feed Navigator.

The company from California makes fish like drones called bio-inspired vehicles or BIVS. The advantage of the robots is that they are able to get close enough to the fish as they problematically tend avoid getting to close to sensor and cameras.

The Aquaai website the says that they “apply AI, VR, computer vision and biomimicry to gather data from below the water’s surface. Their bio-inspired vehicle (BIV) platforms carry a payload designed for the customer who receives real-time metrics onto a web dashboard”.

Norwegian salmon producers Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett, who supply farmed salmon to Whole Foods, use the Aquaai’s “Nammu” are currently trialling the fish platform at their farms in Norway.

The former New York Times media executive turned CEO said that she has a dolphin-sized prototype that could be used in shipyards to check on the integrity of the hulls of sea going vessels.


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