Robots can palletise more than 60 tonnes salmon per hour at Hirtshals seaport

Salmon brought to port from “Norwegian Gannet”.

In a video posted on the Danish robotics company BILA’s YouTube channel, showed how automation can boost the packing process.

Harvest vessel “Norwegian Gannet” is designed to process fish straight from the cages so that they can be harvested on board. The boat goes between fish pens in western Norway to a brand new fishing terminal in Hirtshals, Denmark – saving 1-2 days on transport alone.

When the fish is dropped off, in total, six robots palletise more than 60 tonnes per hour at Hirtshals, Denmark – and each robot can palletise 20 boxes of salmon per minute.

BILA, who developed the automation solution together with Hav Line, posted a day in the life video with “Norwegian Gannet” arriving into Hirtshals with 400 tonnes onboard. BILA’s system accelerates the whole packing process.

Hav Line CEO Carl-Erik Arnesen said: The underlying concept of the Norwegian Gannet harvest vessel is to speed up the process of getting salmon to consumers”. He added that “packing the fish more efficiently in the modern salmon packing system – added 5- 7 days of shelf life, which is crucial to delivering fresh fish”.