“Rohav” seized by Russian Authorities

Rostein’s well-boat “Rohav” is on the quay in Murmansk in Russia, after local authorities said there were issues with ship’s papers.

“It’s nothing dramatic. We were stopped by Russian authorities, who thought there were issues with documents. In our opinion there were no issues,” said CEO of Rostein, Odd Einar Sandøy, to SalmonBusiness.

Sandøy doesn’t want to go into details about what the company and authorities disagreed about.

“It is quite undramatic,” Sandøy repeated.

According to Sandøy, the well-boat has been held back by the Russian authorities since Saturday.

“But it’s about to be arranged now. We expect to leave Murmansk during the day,” said Sandøy.

Sandøy said that the boat was on a mission to transport smolt from Norway to Russia and that this is a route the company has been operating for years.

“We have not experienced such a thing in the past,” he said and added the incident will have no consequences for the route in the future.

It was the Norwegian newspaper VG that reported about the incident first.


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