Ronan Nicolas Rouxel new research director at MSD Animal Health

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Dr. Ronan Nicolas Rouxel has been appointed Research Director of MSD Animal Health Innovation in Bergen, which, among other things, leads the global development of new vaccines and medicines for cold water species in Aquaculture.

“The position as our Research Director is an important contributor to the aquaculture industry. Ronan brings extensive vaccinology skills into the organization and has high integrity. We are very pleased that he is moving to Norway and taking on the lead for our research and development for salmonoids,” says Dafydd Morris, general manager of MSD Animal Health Norway, in a press release.

Dr. Ronan N. Rouxel succeeds Dr. Petter Frost, who is now the Director of the Biotechnology Council.

Ronan Nicolas Rouxel is French-Canadian. He has a doctorate in immunology and virology from the INRS Institute Armand-Frappier in Canada, and has worked in Canada, France and Belgium with research on viruses and vaccines.

Rouxel is an advocate for fish farming, which he believes is important for society and the environment.

“I chose this industry and this company because science and research are in the DNA of MSD Animal Health. MSD Animal Health is passionate about delivering market leading solutions to improve fish health and welfare, and this work is in line with my values. The world needs sustainable food production. I am a strong believer in companies contributing to a better society and that they take care of the employees. MSD Animal Health’s commitment to working for healthier animals and increased sustainability, as well as good employee programs and benefits, made me choose MSD Animal Health,” says Rouxel.

He is an experienced water polo player and an outdoor enthusiast. Both Rouxel and his family have traveled a lot and enjoyed the nature in the Nordic countries. They already have experience with snow and significant changes in the seasons.

Improvement in fish health
Rouxel has been employed by MSD Animal Health for a few weeks. As the Research Director, he has gained knowledge of the extensive research on salmon and trout in MSD Animal Health – including research on salmon diseases and challenges where the company has not yet commercialized vaccines or other medicines.

“It is clear that we will have improved and increased number of solutions in the future. Research and development of new vaccines and pharmaceuticals takes many years, and MSD Animal Health is very well positioned to help fish farmers gain access to better tools against diseases and thus contribute to improved fish health and welfare,” says Rouxel.

He refers to, among other things, MSD Animal Health’s improvements in the treatment of winter wounds, and the increased focus on controlling salmon lice, with fully automatic sea lice counting for monitoring and pharmaceuticals for treatment.

“Aquaculture will be a game changer in the next 10-20 years. I want to contribute to this growth being as sustainable as possible. MSD Animal Health develops the right vaccines and the right equipment for the industry’s future growth to be sustainable. I am convinced that we will see a positive development within salmon farming in the future, and I look forward to contributing,” says Ronan Nicolas Rouxel.



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