“Ronia Diamond” rescues two sailors stranded in the ocean southwest of Chile

Editorial staff

Saturday morning the crew of the wellboat “Ronia Diamond”, a vessel owned by Solvtrans, received a mayday call. 

Two sailors were stranded in the Penas Gulf, Southern Chile, after their boat was wrecked. By using vessel equipment on “Ronia Diamond”, the crew managed to save the sailors Saturday afternoon.

The sailors showed signs of stress, hypothermia and tiredness.

Photo: Sølvtrans

Solvtrans Chiles CEO Victor Vargas stated in the newspaper El Llanquihue that he was proud of his crew:

“This story could have had a different ending if not for the fact our vessel was operational and conducting services for the salmon industry in this difficult times”.

“Ronia Diamond”. Photo: Aslak Berge

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