Roslin Technologies embarks on £50 million capital raise – also invests in Singapore black soldier fly farm

editorial staff

UK specialist AgriTech venture builder wants to improve sustainable protein production across livestock and aquaculture sectors.

In a press release, Roslin Technologies, a joint venture between the University of Edinburgh and two investment and business development partners – writes that is embarking on a GBP 50 million second round capital raise.

As part of its remit of providing solutions to global challenges in AgriTech, Roslin Technologies is developing alternative nutritive protein sources for agriculture and aquaculture.

The investment round will be led by AgriTech advisors and founding investors Milltrust International LLP and JBI Equity.

Herald Scotland reported on Tuesday that Roslin Technologies has invested an undisclosed sum in Protenga, a company based in Singapore that farms black soldier flies.

Roslin Technologies – works closely with the Roslin Institute, the creators of Dolly the Sheep – is co-investing alongside SEEDS Capital, the investment arm of Enterprise Singapore.

As part of the deal, the publication reported that Roslin will build a GBP 500,000 “nucleus facility” near its headquarters at the University of Edinburgh, where it will focus on applying enhanced breeding technologies to develop improved insect lines.

Salmon farmers are increasingly adding protein-rich black-soldier-fly-based ingrediants in feeds. Companies like AgriProtein and Cargill and InnovaFeed and more looking to roll it out on an industrial scale.


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