Rotting salmon in branded boxes causes stink in Chile

Invermar denies salmon dumping accusations.

Sernapesca has announced an investigation process after receiving a complaint about the origin of a significant amount of salmon that was dumped in a remote site of Puerto Montt, Chile.

PHOTO Facebook Gervoy Paredes Rojas

On Wednesday, reported that Invermar categorically denied any wrongdoing – however, the finger was pointed at the salmon farmer as rotting fish were found in company-branded boxes. Invermar cleaned up the salmon within 24 hrs.

“We did not have any responsibility in the facts indicated and in accordance with our records of traceability of the boxes found in the sector Las Canchas, Alto bonito. These correspond to a sale made on June 25th 2018 to the company Saltwater, where product was transferred to Pesquera and Conservera Tamai Ltda. Therefore, those boxes with the company’s logo were totally outside the control of Invermar and its regulatory obligations,” said Invermar general manager Paul Weber Silva, who also indicated that all evidence was sent to the authorities.


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