Roy Reite appointed as new CEO of SalMar Aker Ocean

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For the past three years Reite has been leading the seafood company Fjordlaks.

Norwegian aquaculture company SalMar Aker Ocean has appointed Roy Reite to be its new CEO. The company, which was established in November 2021 aims, by 2030, to produce 150,000 tonnes of salmon per year at fish farms located in the open ocean.

Atle Eide, who chairs SalMar Aker Ocean’s board of directors commented on the appointment, “Roy Reite has valuable experience of international industrial entrepreneurship and the Norwegian finance sector, and he has in-depth knowledge of the coastal culture. This provides the insight that is important and necessary to realise SalMar Aker Ocean’s ambitions. For decades, Reite has worked on major construction projects in the maritime and offshore sectors, and for the past three years he has led the seafood company Fjordlaks.”

For 20 years, Reite held executive positions in Aker Yards and was CEO of what is now the shipbuilding group Vard. He has considerable experience of leading both listed and unlisted companies, and has helped to build a business comprising more than 10,000 employees and generating annual revenues of €1.2 billion. In 2019, he took over as CEO of Fjordlaks.

“In SalMar Aker Ocean, I see a business with a considerable growth potential, and that is a powerful motivator for me. The company has determined and knowledgeable owners with considerable financial resources behind them, as well as a highly skilled workforce and concrete plans to create a new Norwegian industrial success story with international ambitions. And underpinning it all is the belief in – and need for – sustainable production of healthy seafood,” said Reite.

SalMar Aker Ocean has already completed two successful production cycles at its pioneering Ocean Farm 1 facility, which is located in a weather-beaten and exposed area of sea off the Trøndelag coast of Norway.


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