Runoff from salmon a road hazard warns transport authority: Spot check finds 38% of vehicles unfit for use

Editorial staff

The public has reported concerns, especially on ferries, where the runoff seeps into spaces accommodating passengers, cars, and buses.

A spot check conducted by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on heavy goods vehicles originating from the island of Lovund in Luroy municipality has found that 38% of the trucks checked were unfit for use.

The four-day inspection of salmon transportation focused on the issue of runoff of waste water and blood from freight vehicles following a number of complaints from the public.

Lovund in Norway. Map: Google

Such runoff poses a risk as it can make roads slippery and can spread to areas where the trucks park, warns the Norwegian Road Administration.

During the inspection, 34 heavy vehicles underwent checks. 13 of these vehicles were deemed unfit for use, with two vehicles having documented defects.

Beyond just the evident road safety issues, the Road Administration has underscored another problem: the potent smell of fish water/blood water, which can be challenging to clean.

The Norwegian Road Administration stated in their inspection results, “The public has also reacted to this on ferries, ferry owners, and car parks.”


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