Russia blocks Salmones Camanchaca: “It’s suspicious and inexplicable, we have no explanation”

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Salmones Camanchaca outspoken as its blocked from the Russians. Former Soviet Union accounted for nearly a third of its sales in 2018 and 18% in 2019.

Bloomberg (as reported in Yahoo) reports that the salmon farmer Salmones Camanchaca is turning to diplomacy in the hope to lift the Russian ban.

On Wednesday, SalmonBusiness reported that Russia’s veterinary service Rosselkhoznadzor had locked out Chilean salmon from the country under the clause of under enhanced controls.

Mowi Chile, Nova Austral, Granja Marina and Cermaq Chile all are affected.

In an interview, Salmones Camanchaca CEO Ricardo García dismissed the Russian’s claims that oxytetracycline was found in the company’s salmon as false.

This week, the company had to stop all shipments to Russia. Russia accounted for 26% of Camanchaca’s sales in 2018 and 18% in 2019, he said. This is on top of consequences to the fast-growing coronavirus in China where about 3.3% of its shipments have been able to reach the Asian giant.

“It’s suspicious and inexplicable, we have no explanation,” said Garcia, who added that Camanchaca has not used that antibiotic in several years. “This has become a diplomatic problem.”

Camanchaca asked the Chilean authorities to find a solution with their Russian counterparts. Meanwhile, it is diverting shipments to other markets and may have to sell at lower prices, Garcia said.

Sernapesca confirmed that on February 27, it will be the meeting with the Russian health authority to discuss the blocks.

In a statement to SalmonBusiness, the company wrote: “In relation to the information that appeared today in media about the closing of the Russian market for many Chilean salmon exporters, Salmones Camanchaca points out that, as of February 24, the production of its process plant ceases to be authorized to export to that market. We have not detected reasons for such limitation.”

“The Company clarifies that it has not initiated any individual management to resolve this situation, as the analysis is in the process. In due course, individual and/or union actions that are appropriate will be taken or promoted.”

“Salmones Camanchaca reiterates the high and robust standard of control to which it is submitted by the Chilean authority, Sernapesca, body responsible for ensuring full compliance with the standards defined for each market. In addition, the company has a protocol and standards so that its production meets the highest international requirements, thus accessing more than 30 countries in the world.”


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