Russia farming fish in Arctic fjords to combat shortage

Salmon Business

Huge fish farming cages are now becoming part of the landscape in the Murmansk region in Russia’s northwest.

According to Reuters, Arctic fjords are being used as a weapon in the sanctions war with Europe.

Due to the role of Russia in the Ukraine crisis three years ago, Western sanctions aimed to punish the country. In response, Russia banned food imports from the West.

New opportunities
Trout and salmon, grown specifically for Russia’s vast market at farms in Norway next door, were among the first victims of the sanctions war.

This led to a sharp hike in prices, as well as new opportunities for Russian fish farmers.

Increased production after the ban
One of them, Russian Aquaculture, farms salmon and trout in the Barents Sea off Murmansk and in Russia’s northern Karelia region.

The company took advantage of the situation, and instantly stepped up production to fill the gap in the market previously occupied by Norwegian imports.

Russian Aquaculture aims to produce 25,000-30,000 tonnes of fish per year.



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