Russian Aquaculture changes name to Inarctica

Russian salmon and trout producer Russian Aquaculture is now called Inarctica.

The company, which denied it has ties to the Kremlin in February this year when Russia started advancing into Ukraine, told SalmonBusiness at that time that its report linking it to the Kremlin is “highly misleading.”

The move to change the company’s name started before the Russia-Ukraine war “with the launch of its own brand of chilled red fish Inarctica” in 2020, reported news outlet Kommersant.

“The change of the company name to Inarctica actually completes the corporate rebranding process: this step will consolidate the success of the product brand, strengthen marketing communications with consumers and the entire business model chain,” the company said in a press release.

It will launch the new Inarctica corporate website this autumn.

The company owns the rights to 40 sites in the Barents Sea and lakes of Karelia, according to the report. In June, the company was said to be looking at acquiring the F-Traut complex in the Kaluga region with a capacity of more than 500 tons of trout per year for about 350 million rubles ($5.8 million).


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