Russian Aquaculture gears up for 35,000 tonnes by 2025, will produce larger smolt for sites in coldest areas

Stian Olsen

Russian Aquaculture is planning a larger smolt facility in its home country, but CEO Ilya Sosnov told SalmonBusiness that this will not affect the one’s they own in Norway.

At the beginning of this month, SalmonBusiness reported that Russia will provide government aid to a number of projects in the Arctic, including a smolt plant for salmon and trout in the Murmansk region.

In the press release from the Russian government, it did was not revealed which fish farming company had applied for support for the smolt facility. However, CEO Ilya Sosnov of Russian Aquaculture confirmed to SB that it is his company that is behind the application.

“That is correct. Russian Aquaculture has filed an application to obtain state support in financing infrastructure elements of the company’s smolt plant project that it seeks to implement in Murmansk region.” Sosnov wrote in an email.

Larger smolt
Sosnov added that the company is now working on the business plan related to the project, but that a final investment decision has not yet been made.

Ilya Sosnov. PHOTO Russian Aquaculture

“It still has work to do to secure land, finalise preliminary design, clarify the rules for state support and come up with the total budget of plant construction. Only after these tasks have been completed will the company be able to proceed with the project commitment,” said Sosnov.

The plans in Murmansk will not have consequences for Villa Smolt and Olden Fish farms in Norway, which is owned by the Russian company.

“Russian Aquaculture has no plans to give up its smolt supply from its Norwegian facilities. The purpose of the new smolt plant in Murmansk will be to support the company’s expansion plans,” he said.

In addition, Russian Aquaculture wants to ensure its own smolt as well as to ensure that the sites in the coldest areas get larger smolt.

Maintains production targets
In April last year, SalmonBusiness wrote that Russian Aquaculture has ambitions to produce 35,000 tonnes of salmon by 2025.

Is there any news on this?

“The production target of 35.000 tonnes by 2025 is still actual. And the main focus is on developing the sales in Russia, especially in the digital channel (marketplaces like Ozon, Sbermarket, etc). As for the export projects, we are strengthening the team with experienced specialists and making the trial deliveries by air/sea/railway to Asian regions.
China’s salmon market has a high potential for growth and is our priority in the long term. In 2019, we started selling sea trout to Japan and are now working on increasing volumes,” replied Sosnov.

Russian Aquaculture is also considering salmon farming in the Far East of Russia, specifically in Vityaz bay, located in the Primorsky region on the Sea of Japan.

“We are closely monitoring the weather, average sea temperature conditions and other crucial parameters at the site in Vityaz bay. This data will lay the ground for any future plans,” concluded Sosnov.


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