Russian bans imports from Bakkafrost’s main processing plant

Andreas Witzøe

Blow to Faroe Islands fish farmer as bacteria found in offcuts of salmon.

Russian authorities Rosselkhoznadzor have imposed import restrictions on imports from Bakkafrost’s main porcessing plant AUT 125 Glyvrar.

Russia is one of Bakkafrost’s biggest customers’. Last Q2 the company sold 20,300 tons of salmon to the country – an increase of 51.5% compared to the same period in 2017.

The stated reason is found of some bacteria in a sample of offcuts, that was imported to Russia.

According to Jacobsen, only by-products are concerned and that this will not affect other parts of the production. “That’s what we have been told, so it will not affect the export of whole salmon,” said Jacobsen to SalmonBusiness.

Faroese Food Authorities, Heilsufrøðisliga Starvsstova, will inspect and go through all documentation at the factory AUT 125 today and respond to Russelkoznador next week.

Export of offcuts to Russia from Aut 125 Glyvrar will stop from 23 November 2018 until further decision has been taken.

Bakkafrost said that they will be will be able to reallocate our sales to other markets.


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