SAIC rebrands after “new strategic focus”

editorial staff

Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre is now Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre.

SAIC writes that it has undergone a rebrand to align with supporting a green recovery in Scotland after COVID-19.

The body, which has invested in many collaborative research projects in the areas of fish health and welfare, capacity and industry growth, is now called Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre.

“It has also been instigated by the global aquaculture sector’s increasing drive to enhance sustainability through technological innovation and new ways of working,” wrote the organisation (which can still claim to use the acronym SAIC).

SAIC CEO Heather Jones said that the re-brand is a “lot more than just a change of name”.

She said that “it’s a reflection of the times we live in and the opportunity our sector has in front of it. Sustainable aquaculture has so much to contribute to an uncertain world facing a range of challenges, not least the climate crisis and delivering a green economic recovery from Covid-19.”

She added that there is a “great deal of untapped potential to increase farmed fish”.


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