Sainsbury’s adds vegan smoked salmon to stores

Cashing in on rising demand for vegan versions of products.

According to The Grocer, the UK supermarket is now stocking vegan smoked salmon due to consumer trends towards vegan and flexitarian (mostly vegetarian diet but occasionally meat eaters) diets.

Sainsbury’s said it has seen an 82 per cent increase in customers searching for vegan products online, and a 45 per cent increase in sales of plant-based products compared to last year.

Talking to the Telegraph, Rachael Matthews, product developer for plant-based food at Sainsbury’s said: “With more than seven million vegetarians in Britain and the meteoric rise of the flexitarian lifestyle, Britain has certainly got the taste for meat alternatives at meal times.”

Manufactured in Taiwan by the US brand Sophie’s Kitchen and based in California, the “smoked salmon” uses Konjac powder – renowed for a “fishy” smell – along with pea and potato starch and alginate (extracted from seaweed) to make the product.


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