SalMar Aker Ocean buys Arctic Offshore Farming

Editorial Staff

In 2021, SalMar Aker Ocean became the first company to apply for an offshore farm permit in the open sea.

Norwegian fish farmer SalMar Aker Ocean has acquired 100% of the shares in Arctic Offshore Farming from SalMar.

This acquisition expands SalMar Aker Ocean’s portfolio, which now includes four companies: Ocean Farming, owner of the Ocean Farm 1 unit operating in Frohavet; Arctic Offshore Farming, operating off Tromsø with 8 development licenses; Mariculture, allocated a site and 8 development licenses in the Norwegian Sea; and the parent company SalMar Aker Ocean, actively developing these operational units.

Roy Reite, CEO of SalMar Aker Ocean, expressed satisfaction with the expansion, noting that the company now holds the broadest experience in exposed salmon farming with two distinct concepts.

This, he says, provides valuable knowledge for the further development of aquaculture in exposed areas.

The SalMar Aker Ocean companies currently employ just under 50 people.


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