SalMar battles with jellyfish lead to lower fish size and quality

Editorial Staff

SalMar records lower share of superior grade fish in the north.

Norwegian salmon farming giant SalMar has disclosed its latest consolidated harvest volumes for the first quarter of 2024.

The harvest volumes are reported as follows:

  • Farming Central Norway achieved a harvest volume of 27,800 tons.
  • Farming Northern Norway reported a volume of 17,500 tons.
  • SalMar Aker Ocean’s harvest volume stood at 4,800 tons.
  • Icelandic Salmon contributed 2,800 tons to the total.

Collectively, these figures sum up to a total consolidated harvest volume of 52,900 tons for Q1 2024.

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The update also noted a specific challenge encountered in Northern Norway. The region faced issues with barbed-wire jellyfish, which adversely affected the fish farming industry. This environmental factor resulted in lower quality and a smaller average size of harvested fish for the quarter.

The comprehensive Q1 2024 report is scheduled for release 14 May, at 06:30 CEST.


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