SalMar CFO is resigning after only five months in the job

Aslak Berge

Short SalMar career for former Bakkafrost CFO.

SalMar’s CFO, Faroese Gunnar Nielsen, has informed the company that he is resigning from his position, having only joined the company in April 2022.

SalMar regrets Nielsen’s decision and will start the process to find his successor as soon as possible. Nielsen will remain at the fish farming company until the end of the year.

“SalMar would like to thank Nielsen for his effort and valuable contribution as part of the group management during the period he has been employed,” CEO Linda Litlekalsøy Aase said in a statement on Friday morning.

On Wednesday, SalMar’s stock market value was shaved by 30 percent in the wake of the government’s proposal for a resource rent tax on Norwegian aquaculture.


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