SalMar gives all employees a €140 dining out gift card, but there is a catch

editorial staff

Gustav Witzøe thanks staff for “fantastic achievement”.

1,600 employees in SalMar will get a bit extra for Christmas, the company announced in a press release, as reported in the local newspaper Frøya.

CEO and founder Gustav Witzøe congratulated the employees on “a fantastic achievement in 2020”.

“At a time when salmon prices fluctuating, markets are uncertain and large parts of the world are infected and fighting the coronavirus, we are about to put behind us a year of strong results,” he said on behalf of the group management.

“We have also been able to keep the coronavirus away, it is also an achievement that is valued, where each one pays a high price every day,” continued Witzøe.

Because of this, all employees each receive a dining out gift card worth EUR 140.

However, there is a catch. The gift card must only be used at a restaurant or cafe where the employee lives, and anyone who uses it must follow local and national coronavirus guidelines.

It is not the first time this year that SalMar has been handing out gifts to employees. In April, everyone got an Easter egg with a EUR 280 gift card in it, urging staff to spend the money in the local community.