SalMar in dialogue with shipyards about the construction of “Ocean Farm 2”

editorial staff

Second salmon farm offshore rig will be built.

“We have just started the design of a new unit, “Ocean Farm 2”, where we are bringing with us all the experiences from the first production cycles on “Ocean Farm 1″. In this we are in good dialogue with Norwegian shipyards related to possible construction,” SalMar’s founder and CEO Gustav Witzøe told TDN Direkt.

SalmonBusiness’s sister site Ilaks has previously reported that SalMar is considering building the rig at the construction yard Aker Verdal in Trøndelag, Central Norway.

Witzøe said he was pleased with Thursday’s report for the third quarter, taking into account market challenges related to the pandemic.

“The figures speak for themselves, where both good biological and operational results have given us this. At the same time, we are also very pleased that so far we have no infected people in our organisation,” he said.

“At the same time, the time we are in to show how important local processing capacity is so that we can quickly turn around and offer products the market requests,” said Witzøe.


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