SalMar, Leroy Aurora order new workboats

Aslak Berge

A little shipyard near the once teaming Norwegian oil rig base of Kristiansund has received five new orders in recent weeks for a variety of fish-farm service vessels, as Norway’s aquaculture boat-building surge continues.

“We’re writing contracts until the ink splatters — an entire five new orders for new-builds have been signed these past weeks,” Sletta boatyard wrote on its Facebook pages.

Two of those boats will be delivered in 2018, the rest are due for delivery next year. All orders come from fish farmers.

They include the following:

Build 171, a service boat for Nova Sea Aquaculture, is a steel-hulled, 25-meter-by-10.6 m design by More Maritime in Kristiansund due for delivery in 2019.

Build 172, a 10.5 m x 4.7 m catamaran in aluminum will go out to SalMar Farming in 2018. SalMar is due to receive two more aluminum catamaran new-builds Sletta, No. 173 and 174: the first will be 7.99 m x 4.7 m, and the other 14.9 m x 7.5 m.

Build 175, 13.3 m x 7.5 m, is another workboat catamaran and will go out to salmon-farmer Leroy Aurora in 2019.


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