Salmar takes delivery of ‘Marine Donut’; meet the world’s largest thermoplastic structure

Editorial Staff

“Now we can build as many Marine Donuts as we want.”

Norwegian salmon farming giant Salmar is set to take delivery of the world’s first ‘Marine Donut’ within the next week, following a critical certification approval.

This novel floating pen salmon pen, developed by Bluegreen and built using hard plastic, uses flow-through technology, preventing escape and contamination, while minimizing the risk of disease, algae and sea lice

The main structure is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and acts as a barrier against the external environment to prevent lice infestation and infection into the plant.  The novel design is designed to withstand high exposure to both waves and currents and can hold 1,100 metric tons of biomass when fully operational.

Geir Andresen, a partner at Bluegreen, hailed the completion of the certification process.

“The process has taken somewhat longer than we hoped, but it is also a completely new version of the NYTEK regulations that has been the basis. And we are also chronic optimists—despite engaging in pioneering work,” said Andresen.

“We were never in doubt that certification would come, but of course, we are both happy and relieved now that the ‘stamp’ is in place. Now we can build as many Marine Donuts as we want because the certification applies to all future facilities as well.”

The granting of this certification is not just a green light for the inaugural Marine Donut but also paves the way for the production of subsequent units. According to Bluegreen, this certification covers all future Marine Donuts, highlighting its importance for scaling up production.

The next step is a final walkthrough and handover of the facility to SalMar.

“It will happen during the week,” said Andresen. “Then it’s up to SalMar when the fish stocking takes place. According to the commitment regarding development licenses, they are supposed to stock salmon weighing around 2.5kg, which will grow in Marine Donut until they reach a harvest weight of approximately 5.5kg.”

In October, Bluegreen Canada won approval to build further Marine Donuts in Newfoundland and Labrador.