Salmar to place large smolt in ‘Ocean Farm 1’ on September 24

Aslak Berge

The founder of SalMar, Gustav Witzoe, sees an opening for more fish farming rigs.

There were a lot of festivities when ‘Ocean Farm 1’ arrived in Froya on Tuesday this week. Now, SalMar Farming will place the rig on the site at Frohavet, moor it and get it ready to receive fish.

Large smolt
According to the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen, Gustav Witzoe said that the first smolt of 250 grams will be in the rig around September 24th. The first salmon are expected to be ready for harvest a year from now.

Witzoe was asked if he believed there would be more fish farming rigs.

“We hope so, but for now we must concentrate on the first generation. One of SalMar’s criteria for success is to build stone upon stone and keep control.”

Long journey
SalMar’s CEO Trond Williksen is delighted that “Ocean Farm 1” has returned home.

“I am very proud that we managed to get it fabricated in China. It has been a long journey from there. As always, we’ve had to work with wind, weather and ocean currents, but the timing hasn’t over-run what we expected. I’m glad it’s here now,” he told Hitra-Frøya.


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