Salmon escape from ISA suspected site

Stian Olsen

Escape and disease reported on same day.

A site in Harstad, Northern Norway, operated by salmon farmer SalMar has reported a suspected case of ISA as well an escape.

SalMar notified the Food Safety Authority about the disease on the same day it notified the Directorate of Fisheries about the escape.

PHOTO: Barentswatch

The Directorate of Fisheries conducted an inspection at SalMar after a meter-long rip was discovered in one of the nets.

“The extent of escape is not clear. The company has fixed the rip and caught four individuals. The salmon in the injured cage have an average weight of four kilos,” wrote authorities.

SalMar’s Vice President of Farming Roger Bekken told SalmonBusiness that no fish with ILA suspicion have escaped.

“It is not suspected of ISA in the cage where the fish escaped from. Furthermore, we have reason to believe that this is a limited escape, but of course we apologize for the escape,” said Bekken.


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