Salmon Evolution buys land to develop Europe’s largest land-based facility

Ambitious land-based project to produce 28,800 tonnes of salmon a year makes another important step.

Salmon Evolution has exercised its right to acquire the property at Indre Harøy in Fræna, Western Norway, from a local authority in order to develop its land-based salmon farm, the company wrote in a press release on Wednesday.

The industrial site is owned today by a local authority and is part quarry/part undeveloped land zoned for commercial development.

“This is an important milestone, and fully in line with our timetable for realising Europe’s largest land-based fish farm,” says Kristofer Reiten, chair of Salmon Evolution. The development will also help to strengthen the region.”

The company is building what may become Europe’s largest land-based salmon farm with a price tag of EUR 327 million.

The permit entails a maximum standing biomass of 13,300 tonnes, and annual production of 28,800 tonnes of salmon.


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