Salmon Evolution engineer launches aquaculture division; hires lead from Proximar

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The company has identified a need for experienced project managers in the land-based sphere. 

Advansia, a leader in project and construction management in Norway, has established a new aquaculture division.

The company has identified a need for experienced project managers skilled in handling extensive and complex projects, according to an update posted to the company website on Monday.

“Modern land-based aquaculture facilities are complex and specialized processing facilities where water, fish and operator must be able to function in one system,” said Hans Hagby, area director at Advansia.

“We have spoken to key industry players and the feedback is that there is a need for more experienced project managers with expertise in managing extensive projects and complex process equipment.”

Advansia has been involved in managing significant land-based aquaculture projects, such as Salmon Evolution, Senja postsmolt, and Dåfjord postsmolt, and has experience in large industrial plants and municipal technical process facilities.

Peder Sollie, with prior experience as project manager for Proximar Seafood’s facility in Japan, will head the new 25-member division starting March 1.

Peder Sollie moves from the role of project manager in Proximar to lead a new section in Advansia.

“I look forward to contributing to strengthening Advansia’s cutting-edge expertise in aquaculture and a more sustainable development of the industry,” he said.

“My assessment is that there is a great need for professional project management in the industry with a greater focus on risk mapping in the early phase. This becomes even more important now that the market is moving in the direction of more capital-intensive mega-facilities with a strong financial focus and professional investors, says Sollie.

Advansia, employing 700 individuals, engages in multiple significant projects across public, energy, and industrial sectors. The company offers comprehensive services for various project sizes, encompassing concept development through to operational execution. As a subsidiary of engineering firm AFRY, Advansia leverages global expertise in aquaculture and Blue Foods and has a partnership with Morefish.


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