Salmon Evolution on track for Q4 harvest with salmon weighing over 4kg

The land-based fish farmer expects to start harvesting its salmon within a month.

At the start of the month, Salmon Evolution reported that the average weight of the first batch is estimated to be around 3.3kg, with some fish weighing in well above 4kg. The first batch has been split into two tanks after the company successfully completed the first intra-facility fish transfer process.

Salmon Evolution

Over the last few months, Salmon Evolution has carried out extensive testing of the product quality, finding positive results that have confirmed the health of the fish, as well good fillet quality, firm texture, nice and consistent colour and excellent taste.

Batch 2, which was released on 13 July, has already shown “excellent biological performance,” having grown from 125 grams to around 710 grams.

Salmon Evolution is currently in the process of preparing for the next smolt releases and further fish transfer activities from the first harvest are expected to take place in late October/early November.

Salmon Evolution