Salmon Evolution prepares for second smolt release, as its largest fish are already over two kilos

Salmon Evolution accelerates planned smolt release after strong biological performance in first batch

At the end of March, Salmon Evolution released 100,000 smolts with an average weight of 300 grams in their tanks on Indre Harøy, Norway.

As of 30 June, the average fish weight for batch #1 is estimated at around 1.5 kilos with observed individuals well over 2 kilos. Feeding and growth have continued to exceed expectations significantly, reflecting good water quality and strong fish health and fish welfare. Furthermore, the company still has to see low mortality levels, the company writes in a statement.

In recent weeks, the company has also taken samples for extensive quality testing. The test results have been very positive, and confirm good fish health and fillet quality, firm meat texture, fine and even red meat color and excellent salmon taste. In addition, no problems with early sexual maturation have been observed, it is emphasized.

The company is in the process of preparing for its second smolt launch, which is expected to take place during July. The #2 batch will be significantly upgraded compared to the original plan, as it will also include the volumes that were originally scheduled for release in August. This will further optimize the production plan and provide more operational flexibility together with the forthcoming completion of the remaining growth tanks, the company further states.

Going forward, the company intends to publish a similar operational update as soon as possible after the end of each quarter, thereby increasing the reporting frequency.


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