Salmon Evolution raises €50 million

Aslak Berge

Private placement successfully placed.

Shortly after the close of trading on Wednesday, it was reported that the land-based salmon farmer wanted to raise between EUR 45 million and EUR 50 million in new equity. On Thursday morning, Salmon Evolution confirmed that it had raised EUR 50 million in 83.3 million new shares.

The share issue was set at NOK 6 per share.

Facilitators DNB Markets and Pareto Securities stated that the private placement “attracted strong interest from Norwegian, Nordic and international high-quality institutional investors and was significantly oversubscribed”.

Among those allocated shares were insiders Ronja Capital, Dongwon Industries and Rofisk.

The funds raised will go towards the development of the facility at Indre Harøy, Western Norway, and the new joint venture in South Korea with partner Dongwon. EUR 20 million in this round has been set aside for the latter project.


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