Salmon farm crew aid former colleagues in heroic rescue

Editorial Staff

A dramatic sequence of events unfurled off the coast of Scotland near Rhue Lighthouse, Ullapool last month when a fishing vessel, the UL45 Sustain, encountered grave difficulties, prompting a swift response from rescue services – aided by the crew at a local salmon farm.

In the early hours of a December morning, around 0630hrs, the Lochinver lifeboat crew participated in the heroic rescue the three-man crew of the stricken vessel, which included two former members of Mowi-owned Wester Ross Fisheries.

The situation escalated when the potential for an oil spill was identified. In a race against time, serving Wester Ross crew members Mike Peterson and Skipper Ruairidh Johnston embarked on an urgent mission aboard their workboat, the Glen Scotia to mitigate the environmental hazard.

Demonstrating exceptional skill and determination under immense pressure, Peterson and Johnston managed to siphon approximately 4000 liters of fuel from the imperiled vessel, averting what could have been a catastrophic oil spill.

Their efforts didn’t stop there; they also successfully retrieved the boat’s nets, liferaft, EPIRB, and other vital equipment, ensuring minimal environmental impact and loss of valuable resources.

Despite the valiant efforts of all involved, the UL45 Sustain, could not be salvaged and now lies a wreck upon the rocks.

Photo: Wester Ross Fisheries

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