Salmon farm finds massive 270kg Bluefin tuna in the pen

Steve Hernes

License to kill.

On Friday morning, employees at salmon farmer Måsøval discovered a bluefin tuna in one of their pens at Frøyfjorden in Norway. By Saturday, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries granted a special license and the big fish was taken out, the company has reported in a press release.

Recapture nets were set out in case of escape, but so far only one salmon has been caught.

“The bluefin has been sent to the slaughterhouse on Averøya, and the sales department takes care of further sales,” said Berit Flåmo, Head of Communications and Public Relations at Måsøval.

This is the fourth tuna caught in a salmon pen in the past month.

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Arvid Sørdal has worked in the company for ten years, now as operations manager at the Espnestaren and Ilsøya sites. He proudly showed SalmonBusiness the pictures of the bluefin.

Operations manager Arvid Sørdal at Måsøval.


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