Salmon farm worker attacked by 200kg seal

Worker from Tasmania-based salmon farmer, Huon Aquaculture, sustained laceration to his hamstring which required stitches.

The Mercury reports that a Huon Aquaculture wildlife officer had a nasty encounter with a male seal while trying to remove it from a salmon pen at its Storm Bay site, Tasmania, Australia.

A spokesperson for Huon Aquaculture told the publication that the seal weighed around 180-200 kilograms.

The man was undertaking seal management duties when he was bitten and suffered a leg injury. He was then taken to Hobart Private Hospital for treatment.

“It does happen, and that’s why we have dedicated wildlife officers to make sure we are doing what we can to protect the animals but also to keep our staff safe,” the Huon Spokesperson told the publication.

Last year, SalmonBusiness reported that seals in Australia’s southern-most state were being shot at with riot guns to deter them from approaching salmon farms.


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